Milan Milan Milan

Earlier this week Fred Butler and I hoped on an Easyjet flight to the mainland. Our destination- Milan, the ASVOFF Milan launch party.
Since i'm not much of a writer I'm going to leave it to the others to give a detailed account of the event and I'll just post up a few of my personal impressions. (Read all about our trip on fred's blog. Read about the event on Diane's blog and on
My highlights of the trip were finally being able to meet the lovely Diane Pernet and Antoine Asseraf, the currators of this event. It was equally exciting to meet all the other participating directors and see there amazing work.

Airport Fred

Traveling with Fred

Traveling with me

Directors dinner hosted by Massimiliano & Beniamino

The blue skies of Milan

ASVOFF launch

Diane and Antoine

Vogue interview (I'm way more comfortable behind the camera)

Sunshowers on the big screen

Fred and me with Anna Piaggi

Fellow Stamp director Justin Anderson

French directors Leo Siboni and Suzie Q