Sunday Girl take III

Here is my latest video. It's the third video I have done for Sunday Girl and it's her first major single release!
The set design was inspired by Jade's (Sunday Girl) love of animals and everything to do with superstition; and although we were surrounded by all these black umbrellas, ladders and broken mirrors no one got hurt and it was a great shoot all round. We were blessed by the sun and I got to work with my favorite DOP Steve Annis again.

The only one this might have repercussions for is poor Andy Littlefair, the art director, he had to break all the mirrors. I wouldn't go near them!!! What's the punishment for breaking mirrors again, seven years bad luck? Ouch!!!

Well, I'm sure the video will bring Jade good luck and we'll see her in the charts soon!!!

Here is the video and some behind the scenes pics.

Sunday Girl - Stop Hey (Promo) - Directors Cut from Elisha Smith-Leverock on Vimeo.

Promo fro Sunday Girl - Stop Hey
Directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock
DOP Steve Annis
Producer Neil cray for Stamp Films
Editor Ryan Boucher
Colorist Aubrey Woodiwiss at The Mill
Art Direction Andrew Littlefair
Styling Michelle Kelly
Make-Up Silver Bramham
Hair Liz Taw

'Unlucky' Andy

Lucky Jade

Tired dog

Happy Clapper

Lovely Jade